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What Makes London Music Box Different

Our aims are to bring together mainstream students and people on the Autism Spectrum (“ASD”), without labelling and division, as well as to smash the stigma and dispel the myth that ASD people are not as normal as “normal” people are. Our mission is to educate society that people should not be dismissed solely because they are on the Autism Spectrum.

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  • Our OUTSTANDING work with both mainstream students and those on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), including but not limited to ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome (AS), in ONE inclusive and supportive environment is what we are MOST proud of! 
  • Our INDIVIDUAL teaching approaches are tailored to the student's individual needs as we recognise that every student is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE in their learning style!
  • Our BESPOKE events, incorporating different art forms (music, painting, drama), as well as public speaking (students    present their work in front of an audience), instil CONFIDENCE and build SELF-ESTEEM!
  • Our PERSONAL touch and excellent attention to detail results in LONG-LASTING relationships with our students!
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