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5 Reasons to Give Gift Certificates over Material Presents this Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, everyone starts creating the long lists of presents they need to get for all family members and dear friends. Yet somehow we always turn to material presents when it comes to gifting. But what happens when the kids already have all the toys under the Sun, the husband is tricky to buy for (although he can probably use another pair of socks!) and your girlfriend really doesn't need another purse but perhaps will benefit for a bit of "me time" away from the chaos where she will feel like her own person again.

Here are 5 reasons as to why giving a music gift certificate is more compelling than material gifts and will make you the star on Christmas morning!

1. Giving a gift certificate for music lessons is far more memorable than giving another pair of socks/a purse/cosmetics.

2. Your friends/kids/family are more likely to share this original gift with others during "show and tell at school" or simply brag about how thoughtful you are!

3. Music Gift certificates combine the benefits of trying something new (for the kids) with the benefits of spending some time away from the kids (for yourself, girlfriend, etc)

4. Recipients don’t feel guilty treating themselves as it's all paid for and sorted out for them.

5. There is a strong motivation to continue with music once started, which has proven benefits for mental health and well-being.

You can start with purchasing one of our beautiful Christmas Gift Certificates here:


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