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Learning Through Play

Learning is an interesting process. Sometimes it happens without you even trying, which is called learning through play.

Learning through play is such a big part of our lessons. It is hands man-down the best way to teach and work with children.

There are so many benefits of learning through play, which I'm discussing below:

1) Learning is more effective when children are engaged and immersed in the activity. (Ps see video)

2) Learning through play is based on exploration and self-discovery.

3) Learning through play gives children the chance to self-regulate and stabilise their emotions.

4) Learning through play gives them an opportunity to be in charge of the situation, make decisions and develops their problem-solving skills.

5) Learning through play creates a safe environment in which the children facilitate the learning alongside the teacher, creating a team-like feeling and strengthening the bond between the teacher and student.


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