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The Future is Here: 10 Reasons Why Online Music Lessons Work So Well

I am sure many of you didn’t think online music lessons work as a good enough alternative to in-person teaching. In my teaching practice of 17 years so far, I’ve tested them on different occasions and know for a fact that online lessons are as good as one-to-one teaching. Here is what I found out:

1) Online music lessons are a convenient way to learn for both students and teachers. No more traipsing across town to get to the studio on time for a lesson. Instead, you can learn or teach from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of travel and have more time to do the other things you enjoy.

2) Online music lessons are also a very flexible way of learning if you want to study with this one teacher, who happen to be at the other end of the world. The advanced technology nowadays makes scheduling and executing a lesson hassle free.

3) Online music lessons provide a variety of learning materials, which might not be available to in-person lessons. Let’s stay on the topic of technology: nowadays teachers can set-up a google classroom, online quizzes and games on top of the music lessons, which speed-up progress and development.

4) Online music lessons can be fun too, thanks again to technology. If you’ve ever used the different filters on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, you probably know what I am talking about! For those of you that are still in the dark- filters are these additional elements you can virtually ‘’put’’ on yourself such as bunny ears, cat whiskers, flower crowns…you name it, the applications have it!

5) Online music lessons can be recorded and re-played as many times as your heart desires, if you can’t remember what your teacher said about this one passage and the way different ways to practice it.

6) Online music lessons are way more sociable than lessons in-person. You can stay and chat to your teacher after the lesson for a bit, without feeling guilty that there is another person impatiently waiting outside the studio door for their lesson to begin right on time.

7) Online music lessons can be individual or group without the practicalities of organising everyone, booking a big enough space and having nightmares of how you will transport your instrument there (given you don’t play the piano!)

8) Online music lessons work-out cheaper sometimes just because you don’t have the added cost of studio hire on top of your normal lesson rate.

9) Online music lessons can instil accountability and initiative in young students, who will take great pride in answering the video call, following teacher’s directions and making progress.

10) Online music lessons are the future of music education and thanks to the current times we were left with no choice but to try and see that it works!


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