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I’m often asked what drives me to wake up every morning and do what I do?

I love the piano and truly believe music has the power to create change. Music should be available to everyone regardless of age, race, background ability or disability. I’m so proud that my business, London Music Box brings together people on the Autism Spectrum and mainstream students without labelling and division. My passion is to smash the stigma and dispel the myth that autistic students are not as normal as “normal” people are and educate society that they should not be dismissed solely because they are on the Autism Spectrum.

Last weekend, my student, teachers and parents got for our annual ‘’Easter Bunny Workshop’’.

We enjoyed wonderful performances, played team games including an Easter egg hunt and our social afterwards was full of laughter and positivity! There are no divisions here, we’re united and questions can be asked without feeling we might say the wrong thing.

Take a look at the photo, we’re a diverse bunch and united in our love for music!


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